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ART IN BOX展に参加します

11月27日から開催されているART IN BOX 展(AG GALLERY @Brooklyn )に参加しています。


初のアメリカ出展ですが、アメリカのcat loversに見つけてもらえますように。



(夏以降、このブログのログインパスワードを忘れたりなんだりでCat's ISSUE POP-UP STORE /8月のBEAMS JAPAN、11月のBEAUTY & YOUTH、のお知らせが飛んでしまいました。ごめんなさい)

Art In Boxes 2017

The 9th Annual Holiday Group Exhibition Opening on November 27, 2017

AG Gallery is pleased to announce that this Art In Boxes 2017 is opening on Monday, November 27th. Art In Boxes (AIB) is our annual holiday group exhibition that features unique artworks from artists of various backgrounds around the world. Every year with AIB, we have been introducing over twenty artists to our Williamsburg locals and tourists. We have been offering various artworks in different artists, sizes, and prices, with a concept of one of a kind artwork for a gift to someone special. This year makes its 9th exhibition, and we are extremely thankful for all your love and support to keep this exhibition happening for such a long period of time. This year also, we have over twenty five artists in the exhibition with various artworks for your holiday gifts ideas. The exhibited artworks include but not limited to paintings, drawings, etching prints, silkscreen prints, sculptures, and jewelries. Please be the early bird and find perfect artworks for your beloved partner, family, and friends.

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